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Quality breeding females available etc

***NB*** - Alpaca are herd animals and must have a minimum of two (ideally 3) to sustain a healthy happy life. We at Rosegum will NEVER sell an animal on their own without knowing there is currently other alpaca already at the purchasers place for them to be with.

Rosegum Corvette

IAR: 248229

COLOUR: Solid Light Fawn
DOB: 19/06/2021

SIRE: Sharalandan Park Adonis

Dam: Rosegum Carrera

LMD:   04/06/2023

STUD: Baarrooka Durango's Warlord


A well grown gentle girl. Comes from wonderful strong lines and excellent genetics. Highly anticipating her cria next year.


2021         16.6               4.6              99.5%

2022        19.1                 5                97.9%

Price $1870 inc GST

Rosegum Indecision
Indecision edited

IAR: 228799

COLOUR: Solid White
DOB: 05/10/2019

SIRE: Shahrizai Del Mar

Dam: Rosegum Elsa

LMD:   3/06/2023

STUD: Baarrooka Mr Universe ET


A herd favourite. This young lady will be a great asset to any breeder wanting to go to the next level. Excellent mum but unfortunately lost her first cria to no fault of her own. Currently pregnant to our most recent and stud male Mr Uni.

Stats:         Mic               SD                 CF

2020        21.8              4.6                 94.2%

2021         26.5              5.7                80.7%

2022        25.2             5.6                 88.1%

Price $1870 inc GST

Purrumbete Dilmah

IAR: 164484

COLOUR: Solid White
DOB: 14/09/2011

SIRE: Tambo Downs Ferrera

Dam: Purrumbete Sharmalee

LMD:   19/6/2023

STUD: Baarrooka Mr Universe ET


This girl has been a constant producer of quality and falls pregnant easily. SDF Male cria at foot to be sold with mum if sold before weaning.

Stats:         Mic               SD                 CF

2018         26.5               6.5               78.5%
2019          27                 6.4               76.8%
2020        24.7               6.0               85.3%

2021         25.2               6.2               83.5%

2022        25.3                6.1                83.2%

Price $2200 inc GST

Shahrizai Ayn Rand
Ayn edited

IAR: 228788

COLOUR: Solid White
DOB: 02/06/2016

SIRE: Pucarra Tanner

Dam: Pinjarra Pachetta ET


STUD: Baarrooka Mr Universe ET


A reluctant sale but we can't keep them all. A wonderful consistent breeder. Her brother who is a certified male did exceptionally well in the showring in his day whilst Ayn went onto to be put right to work breeding quality. We have one of her daughters that we are keeping for our core herd so we are able to let her go and do great things for her new owners. Currently has a SW male cria at foot who is stunning.

Stats:         Mic               SD                 CF

2018         20.2               3.9              98.5%
2019         25.5               4.5               88.7%
2020        23.7               4.6               92.9%

2021         25.2               4.9               87.1%

2022        26                  5.6               83.9%

Price $2750 inc GST

Shahrizai Virginia Wolf
Virginia Wolf_edited.jpg

IAR: 228799

COLOUR: Solid White
DOB: 15/05/2015

SIRE: Pucara Tanner

Dam: Surilana Connie

LMD:   25/5/2023

STUD: Baarrooka Mr Universe ET


A wonderful strong and healthy girl who is a presence in the herd. Great mother and heaps of milk for her babies. Gorgeous SMF female cria at foot who will be kept for  herd. A great way to get your hands on the genetics of our new stud male Mr Uni.

Stats:         Mic               SD                 CF

2018         21.5               3.9                97.2%
2019         22.7              4.4                94%
2020        23.2              4.4                93.3%

2021         22                 4.4                94%

2022        24                 5.9                90.1%

Price $2750 inc GST

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