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Premium quality alpacas, AlpacaWare and alpaca education


Keeping it Simply Suri

Hi! and welcome to Rosegum Alpacas.

We are dedicated to helping all owner/breeders of alpaca to either be starting your journey, mentoring your steps into

becoming a breeder and also for those well established studs to be a sounding board for advice if/when needed.



Situated near Springsure in the lovely Central Highlands of Central Queensland, Rosegum has been successfully breeding the wonderful, rarer Suri Alpaca since 2010.


We started our herd with a mere 3 alpaca to get a "feel" for the animal itself, then, with careful research and wonderful mentors to help navigate our way to fine tune our goals, we can at any given time be home to 100+ animals.

Here at Rosegum we can help cater to all your alpaca needs and wants and help point you in the right direction.  Contact us to find out how to start your journey.

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With our focus simply on the suri alpaca with its exquisite lustre and silky, soft handle, we couldn't be happier with the quality of fleece that is grown here on farm.


To date we are producing fleeces for the ever growing commercial industry, our fleeces have been sold all over Australia, some which is to be used in end products that we also stock in our online store .


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With carefully selected females and males to compliment the breeding program, over time we have produced amazing animals particularly suited to the Queensland climate. As we are quite remote and one of the larger breeders of Suri in Qld, we have made sure our genetic pool is diverse and ever evolving. We have an impressive line-up of current working stud males and some up-and-coming boys,  which enables us to produce the best animals Qld has to offer.

Our sales page boasts healthy, strong animals and all our girls are sold with a fertility guarantee. If sold as pregnant, they will come with a live Cria guarantee. If you are unable to find what you are after, please contact us directly, as we have other animals for sale that aren't listed, and, if we don't have what you are after, we happily will help you find it. Discounts for multiple purchases by negotiation.


There is great opportunity out there for each owner/breeder, whatever your goal may be. Pets, Herd Guards, Lawn Mowers, Companion Animals, Breeding stock for your own adventure, we at Rosegum have you covered with these incredibly versatile and environmentally friendly animals.


We are happy to give ongoing advice and support to all alpaca enthusiasts wishing to own and enjoy alpacas, regardless if you have purchased from us or not. It is always wonderful to chat with fellow enthusiasts! We remember well what it is like when you first own alpaca. The questions are endless! and they are so interesting to learn more about.


We firmly believe in follow up after sales service and helping you achieve your goals.

Feel free to contact us to arrange a time to check out these majestic animals for yourself. They will capture your heart!


We are proud to be members of the Australian Alpaca Association, and are Queensland Regional members  who are dedicated to promoting our wonderful Alpaca industry here in Australia.

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